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The leprechaun story in Mobile, Alabama has taken the internet by storm. Forum after forum are picking up on it and adding their own little twist. Myspace pages, music videos, photochops, YTMND's etc. So without further delay, on behalf of everyone on the internet, I bring you all the spoofs in one place. Although the story itself could be described as a spoof... crazy black folks!!

Brief Synopsis:
News station in Mobile Alabama runs a story in primetime about people seeing a "leprechaun" in a tree. Crowds have started to gather, all claiming they can see this so called "leprechaun" and they actually seem to believe it. They even drew a sketch, which they showed on the news, which you can see below. Looks like an autistic 10 year old drew it, but hey, I haven't seen it so it could be right on the money. So within the video we are introduced to many characters. First the lovable "Da Lep Ra Con" who proceeds to flash his grill and get the crowd involved. "To me it looked like a leprechaun to me" "Who all see tha leprechaun say yeeeeeeaaaah". Then the only sane person in the crowd thinks its just branches casting shadows on the other branches. But we immediatly introduced to "Crack-Head Johnson" who proceeds to call the leprechaun a crackhead who took some bad stuff and someone told him to climb all up in the tree and act like a leprechauns. Which leads us to our next guy... I dont know what you'd call this guy other than, Leprechaun Defender. He is decked out from head to toe in army gear that apparently wards off SPELLS.... He also hold in his hand a Leprechaun flute that has been passed down from his great great grandfather, who was apparently of african/irish descent. During his interview he calmly tells passers-by that its ok, and they dont have to be afraid of the leprechaun, good to know. And finally we are introduced to the co-star of "Da Lep Ra Con" Remix, a lil wayne wanna be. He explains how he's gonna rent him a backhoe and uuuh-root dat tree, he wants da gold, give him da gold, where da gold....

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